Materials & Care

 Is your high Fashion Jewelry Line Plated with Real Gold?

Yes, we only work with thick 18ct gold Vermeil to ensure our customer's satisfaction and to maintain Spiritual Gloss high jewelry standards.

Not to be confused with regular gold plating, our vermeil pieces are made  with the highest percentage of Gold alloy that can be used to make Jewellery - 18 carats. We use a thick layer (4 microns to be exact of 18ct gold) on sterling silver. This is 10 times thicker than the average minimum for Gold plated jewelry so its super durable.

This higher than anyone in the custom jewelry industry who operate at 2.5microns of gold). This is our Guarantee to ensure your pieces never tarnish for years to come. 


Do you also offer 14ct Gold Jewelry?
Yes, we also offer a line of high quality 14ct solid gold jewelry — all our earrings are 14ct gold Made in Italy, our necklaces and charms also come with a 14kt Gold option.


How should I take care of my Jewelry?
Your Spiritual Gloss™ pieces will shine for a longer period of time if taken care of properly. Our pieces are delicate so we highly recommend you do not get it in contact with perfume while also making sure to always remove your jewelry before you swim, shower, apply lotion, makeup or perfume to minimize scratches and other damages, store your piece in the pouch that we provided or in a separate compartment in your jewelry box.


My Skin is very sensitive to Jewelry, what product should i pick? 
We hear very often that our customers had previous issues with other jewelry brands. This is because these brands do not use the same quality of metals and plating as we do. Therefore, shopping for sensitive skins is much easier at Spiritual Gloss all our pieces are Hypoallergenic in solid 14ct Gold and 18ct Gold Vermeil over Sterling Silver.